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seen in february with this woman, regina butler. they found him at these apartments. why did it take so long? >> reporter: we have learned that police say the woman arrested in this case has confessed to the killing and that she will be charged with murder. they say the victim was stabbed multiple scenes and the crime scene was bad. >> reporter: she's been looking for her grandfather, and it turns out he was right under everybody's noses the whole time. you didn't smell anything? >> yes. it smelled like garbage. today you really smelled the dekay. >> reporter: he had been stabbed and his body stuffed under his mattress.
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she reported her grandfather missing, and nobody noticed the decomposing body in his apartment until the smell got really bad. >> at first it was a relief knowing he was there, and then i felt that i have been in here three times and didn't see him and that almost made me pass out. >> reporter: they says police have arrested this woman, 47-year-old butler. the granddaughter says she's a homeless alcoholic drug addicted pros you to who was stealing his checks. >> my phone rang three times, and we all called 911 and i was here with him eight minutes and i chased her down and kept her here until the police came. >> reporter: he suffered from dementia and told everybody that she was her girlfriend. the woman was not welcomed and
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was warned, and when she kept coming, there was an eviction notice, and that's when they think she killed him. >> it's such a sad situation. >> reporter: the police also told the family that it's quite possible that the suspect suffers from some sort of mental illness, quite possibly bipolar disorder. >> reporter: the granddaughter was quite the investigator. >> reporter: yes. she monitored the bank accounts, amongst other things, and when the suspect showed up, she was ready and the police were so impressed with her that she said she should apply to the department as a detective, half jokingly. new details on the deadly
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lion attack. we are learning tonight the young intern who died apparently had no intention of getting close to the big cat that eventually killed her. joe tells us what she was really doing in the enclosure and why she thought she had nothing to fear. >> reporter: it turns out she wasn't purposely alone with him in the cage and wasn't malled to death, and that's according to the coroner who says the 5-year-old lion named cous cous was closed off while the issue turn was cleaning the larger cage. but the coroner says somehow he escaped the smaller cage, perhaps used his paw to lift open the latch and he escaped, pinning the 24-year-old and crushing her. >> she was fearless. >> reporter: the father told cnn the coroner told him the
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lion did not mall his daughter but was trying to play with her and, in the process, he sat on top of her. he broke her neck. dianna had worked with them in the past and her dad said she had no problem at all getting inside the cages with them, a constant source of worry. >> i always thought i would get a call like this, but i thought it would be of further in the future than at 24. >> reporter: her family is planning a memorial. >> she was doing what she loved and she did it with joy every day that she worked here, and she's going to be missed. i'm so sorry this has happened. >> such a strange story. you were telling me earlier that investigators found something else inside the enclosure. maybe she was distracted. >> cell phone. she was on the phone at the moment she was being attacked. the co-worker hears the
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commotion, runs over there and tries to distract the lion, and it doesn't work and the cops have to shoot the cat and he is dead. >> may have been just playing. >> a mismatch. >> thank you for that. some of you haven't had a drop of rain all night while other parts have gotten drenched. >> it's all about the south bay right now. this is opposite of what is normal where those of you in the north bay typically get the rainfall, they have had literally nothing. we're looking at a lot of rainfall right here. lock at what is going on around the city, oakland, you are finished with the rainfall. a little bit down this way, but
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all about the south bay. these are the rainfall totals. coming up in the weather i'll talk about when the rain will move out and look at the weekend. >> thank you. in san jose today a final salute to two fallen heroes. >> a sea of officers stood in silence outside the pavilion to honor the santa cruz police detective killed in the line of duty last week. mourners came by to pay their respects for the two. >> reporter: two fallen officers whose lives were cut short, surrounding by thousands who traveled many miles to pay their respects to the first santa cruz officers ever killed in the line of duty.
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>> we gather to remember a mother, a partner, an inspiration to all of us. we gather to remember a father, a husband, a mentor, and a friend. i loved them both dearly and i will miss them forever. >> reporter: then the heartbreaking good-byes from the fallen officers' families. the silence was deafening when one of the two young sons came up to the podium, two boys now without a mom. >> i miss you so much. we will miss you so much. goodgood-bye, my love.
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>> every day i'll carry the values, morals, ethics and lessons that you instilled on me early on. so thank you, daddy. and today celebrate yourself. there's so much to love. love always, jill. >> while thousands of cops were away at the memorial, some criminals saw an opportunity. just minutes after most of the region's law enforcement officers drove to san jose, three armed men robbed a bank at the west branch. witnesses told police the robbers pointed handguns, shoved employees and escaped with cash. >> people know that a lot of
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the officers will be over there honoring the fallen officers and it's just really disappointing. it's disgusting to me. >> several officers were at the services. a police sergeant said he had enough offices to investigate the robbery and cover the rest of the city. busted at the airport. when you see what was inside this guy's luggage, you won't believe it. why a politician in the bay area wants to put a tax on e-mail. only we are there as a mystery millionaire comes forward to claim his jackpot and why he hasn't told his wife!
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culver, culla verr, culla verr. north korea threatened to fire missile at washington as a re, coming from possible tough new sanctions. and china has helped draft the resolution. >> the severity of the
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sanctions show that we take this seriously. >> they will bite and bite hard. they increase their isolation. >> it's widely believe the country is still far from capable of launching a nuclear war head. something didn't look quite right at the airport today. tsa searched the guy's bag and they found 67 pounds of pot. how did he think he would get away with this? the suspect, a 21-year-old who had a ticket to south carolina, checking his bag along with the marijuana which is worth about $300,000, according to agents. they called the sheriff and the man was arrested. hold onto your wallets, talk about taxing your e-mail. gordon wants to raise money for
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the cash-strapped post office, so he's floating this idea. internet users we talked to aren't so sure about the idea. >> i think there's other things you can tax if you want to save the post office. find a way to tax automobiles more. >> i don't know about the e-mails but what about the websites making money. >> it was banned under the internet tax-free act but that act will expire next year. last week the postal service proposed selling the downtown berkeley post office building to make up for lost revenue. mystery man. >> this man came forward and he didn't even tell his wife. >> reporter: winning the lottery is like getting struck by lightning, the same kind of
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odds, and we are here at the shell station in walnut creek and we're about to meet a very rich man. he came tonight to confirm with the shell station that, yes, he holds the winning ticket, a regular customer who bought $5 in super lottery quick-pick tickets. you looked at your ticket and said it looks like i'm the winner? >> yes. i looked at the numbers on my ticket, the same, and, oh, my gosh, this is the one. >> reporter: we watched him put the winning ticket into the machine and his prayers had been answered. >> yeah!
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i thank god for the justice because i was treated unfair in my work and this is the justice. god does this. >> reporter: the man had just lost his job of 16 years two months ago and was now getting desperate. there's just him and his wife. >> reporter: what did your wife think? >> i don't know. she doesn't know yet because i have to go pick her up from her work and she doesn't know yet. she will be very surprised. >> $33 million thursday night surprise for his wife and not a bad day at the shell station which gets $165,000 as the winning ticket seller. and they are in disbelief inside. you didn't believe him? >> right. becauseit sounded like a joke. i said, okay, come inside and
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i'll give you cash. >> reporter: he doesn't keep $3 million in the cash drawer here so he will have to go elsewhere to get his winnings and begin what will amount to a new life. >> wow. does the guy kind of look like me? maybe a cousin? long-lost relative? >> reporter: i asked him if he has relatives around the u.s. and he said two sisters who live in europe. >> thank you. >> $33 million, amazing. >> i wonder when he'll tell his wife. [ laughter ] >> there's a strange conversation going on right now. watch this story, would you?
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look out the difference between what's going on in san francisco and oak lands and san jose -- oakland and san jose. it's pouring down there. look at this rainfall. we told you the south bay would be the bull's eye, and it was. now look at this zoomed-in view. san jose, other towns, look at this. north of livermore, nothing, not a drop of rain. and the snow pack is up to 71%, but still 29% below normal. the temperatures are kind of chilly but the cloud cover will level off the lows. concord, 49. san jose, 46. upper level low pressure is on
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its way out. as i moves to the south -- as it moves to the south, that's why you are getting the rainfall. the low pressure will move away from us now. after that, another week of high pressure, sunshine, and by next week the highs will be in the 70s. showers are ending already from north to south and the rain is completely out of here by tomorrow morning and sunshine this weekend and sunshine coming up next week. high temperatures in the upper 50s, kind of a cold day tomorrow. livermore, 59. san jose, 58. right around 60 for pittsburgh, concord. berkeley, 58, san francisco tomorrow, 56 degrees. look at the weekend, sunshine, low venting beginning monday
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and low 70s for of of next week. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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. roup of students. students rising above held its 10- th annual gala in san francisco. it was a celebration to honor bay a special gathering tonight for a remarkable group of students. students rising above is students who have overcome tremendous challenges in going to college. more than 200 students have been supported in the pursuit of higher education. talk about the real estate deal of a lifetime. >> one guy bought a house and found $30 million worth of art. >> he bought this for 300 grand. inside the garage and attic were thousands of paintings and drawings and journals by an
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artist. >> i recognized that was the artwork of one man because the signature was consistent. although i had directions to throw it out, i refuse to do so. >> some of the pieces have already sold for half a million dollars. we'll be right back. land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread?
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next level, you go bales bales. >> the bank of the west sports report is next. you have to believe tonight's w wcc tournament game is important to this man's future. they are facing the worst team, and they trailing the entire 2nd half, but look at this steal. he missed, but look at this. it goes to overtime. ireland hit the jump shot, and they shot 39%, and the season is over for them with a 14 and 16 record of the mexicans had a
11:28 pm
lead tonight but they couldn't close it out. the ball falls, and they when it by that margin, not good for the giants' closer. with 14 saves romo is a proven pitcher. >> it's just me having fun. >> which was your favorite? i put on a bunch of outfits. i like the bruce lee one. i didn't like the little tennis shorts they had. >> did people comment on those? >> yes. i looked like a goof ball in certain outfits. >> in boxing, go with the press
11:29 pm
conference. these two are in the top five. >> this is the real deal. >> i don't know who you beat. >> i'm giving it to you just leak you want. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. westbrook is looking great on the steal and looking not so great on the again. the thunder win tonight. a golf ball on the cement is a common sight, but look at this. nicholson is one off the lead. two, alexi is seeing stars in more ways than one. and, number 1, give the dominican republican the trophy now.
11:30 pm
they beat venezuela. they go down here. that play there reminds me of what we saw some time ago. >> we'll be right back.
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who was the manager? >> charlie fox! plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, acclaimed plate spinner, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )
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( musical flourish ) >> dave: thank you very much. ( applause ) hasta la vista. >> paul: baby! ( laughter ) >> dave: i'm feeling a little peckish. anybody have the flu? had the flu or the cold? you know the difference when you -- if you have a cold or the -- you know what the difference is? i asked my doctor yesterday. i said, "what the hell is the difference between the cold and the flu?" and he said "about $80." (laughter) (applause) i went to the doctor and people said, "you're dumb, you better get a flu shot." and i've never had a flu shot in

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